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Pepe's Corner

Stories, smiles, and inspiration from Narrow Gate Artisans' President, Phil Stoner.

The Ugly Log

The sun dispersed through the falling leaves like exhaled powder, the dogs romping ahead of me along the creek. It was one of those Man, if I could only capture this in a bottle kind of early fall days. The gnarly mass poked up from the mud bank. My first thought was to pass it by, but something about its stark severity made me pause. We were out in the common area behind our house, scouting for downed, aged wood to put on the lathe. I'd recently started woodturning, and was discovering the joys of uncovering hidden treasure from spinning blanks... more

Woodworking - a Love Language

Aubrey eagerly sported her tool belt with tucked-in hammer. Everything about her said, Let's go build something daddy! She was ready for anything and wanted to prove she could tackle anything her brothers could - and more. The 'weekend' basement remodeling project had morphed into a 2 year marathon. We'd finish one part and my lovely wife would come down the stairs oohing an aahing about how good it looked. Then I'd hear those dreaded next words 'But babe, that old _ (insert 'wall, ceiling, window,' etc.) next to it just isn't going to work... more

Woodworking - What's God Got to do With It?

There seemed to be no reason for me to love woodworking. No one else growing up in my immediate family had any interest in lumber, saws, and drills, or the ways one can use them to make useful things. My Dad was not opposed, but was not able to offer much inspiration. His level of 'handy' pinnacled with the resounding crash of the kitchen cabinets falling off the wall and Mom's treasured dishes in pieces on the marble floor... more

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